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The Code of a hellfighter

•Hellfighters are honest in their dealings with all people.
•Hellfighters believe in righteousness as well as justice, not just in and from
other people, but within and from themselves.
•Hellfighters know there are no shades of gray in the question of honesty
and justice; there is only right and wrong.

•Hellfighters have no reason to be rude to anyone.
•Hellfighters are courteous, even to their enemies. Without this outward
show of respect, Hellfighters cannot gain the respect of other men.
•The true courtesies of a Hellfighter become apparent during difficult times.

•Hellfighters have heroic courage.
•Heroic courage is not blind. It is intelligent, strong and fully wonderful.
•Through intense prayer, meditation, and Bible study, Hellfighters become
mentally prepared for spiritual battle.
•Unlike most people who hide like turtles in their shells, Hellfighters rise
above the masses of people who are afraid to act.

•Honor is a Hellfighter’s virtue.
•Hellfighters are His chosen ones and they must never embarrass Him.
•The decisions Hellfighters make and how those decisions are carried out is
a reflection of how real Jesus is to them.
•Hellfighters have only one Judge; His name is Jesus Christ.

•Hellfighters are not as other men.
•Hellfighters help their fellowman at every opportunity. If an opportunity
does not arise, Hellfighters will go out of their way to find one.
•Hellfighters are given a power that must only be used for the good of all.
•Hellfighters have compassion and they show it.

•When Hellfighters say they will perform an action, it is as good as done.
•Nothing will stop a Hellfighter from completing what he has said he will
•Hellfighters do not have to give their word, nor do they have to promise;
speaking and doing are the same.

•For Hellfighters, having done or said something requires responsibility for
that action, including all the consequences that may follow.
•Hellfighters are immensely loyal to those under their watch.
•And to those to whom they have pledged their allegiance, Hellfighters
remain fiercely true.
•For the God of their salvation, Hellfighters will give their lives.
All Hellfighters must be bold witnesses for Jesus Christ. They must wear their
colors proudly and be willing to testify boldly. They must pass out tracts and other
evangelistic material and tell, without compromise, the wonderful story of Christ’s

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